3D Halloween Decoration Prop Window Mirror Bloody Handprint Footprint

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Product Description:

 ❖ Real looking creepy Handprint & Footprint scary Halloween props.
 ❖ Rich bloody red, a perfect accent on Halloween creepy decorations.
 ❖ Leave no remnants on your surface after peeling off .
 ❖ Reposable and reusable window decals.

 Color: Red;
 Size: 22inch x 10inch;

Recommended Usage: 
  Look better with some scary props like fake severed hand & zombies.
  These horror movie stickers are best bloody bathroom decorations. 
  Can be adapt to all scary parties and horor scene, cling to wherever you want.
  For walking dead decorations, halloween indoor decorations, zombie party decorations, haunted house decorations & bloody bathroom decorations.

Notes and Instructions: 
  NOT stickers. Don't stick to walls. The clings will not damage the surface.
  Please CLEAN the surface before you cling. Make sure the static-cling side face the surface. Keep rubbing from the center outward until it stops detaching.
  For window, glass, floor, bathtub, mirror, trash can, framed picture, toilet, microwave.
  Not outdoor decorations. They might be blown away as static-clings.

Package Includes: 
 ❖ 1 Sheet Sticker.